Friday 26 April 2013

Going bananas on flowers...

Just taste the word for a moment. Magnoliolioliolias.
Everywhere I look, their pink or white upside down bud skirts are filling the sky, ready to explode into full bloom any second. Alas, there are no magnolia trees in our garden...

... but when I went for a walk this morning, 
I found myself in one of those situations that could have 
ended up being rather embarrassing ...

You know the ones where you just can't stop yourself, but h-a-v-e to lean so far over a wall just to photograph a bud and nearly end up doing a nose dive straight down into someone else's garden (in this case probably risking breaking your neck too!)? All in the name of... art. Ehm.


Speaking of art. Well, speaking perhaps rather of someone introducing a humorous little twist to their otherwise very traditional (at least externally), beautiful old cottage. I must have walked past this house in Lacock a hundred times, but not until last weekend did I notice this gentleman (?) peering out on passers-by from a small window just below the roof.

Few things are as cheerful as little flower faces stretching their necks high up towards the sky, showing off their splendid colours and singing the tunes of summer... Flowers are good for the soul, at least for mine, and if I could, I would wear flowers in my hair every day...!

 The world is turning greener by the minute and I L-O-V-E it!

... and with this rather incoherent, or shall we say 'eclectic' post, 
I would like to wish you all a sunny weekend with flowers lining your paths!


  1. wonderdul images!!! I love your blog! kisses Pam

  2. Oh Dear, I just love the combination on pink flowers and blue sky! I wonder if the magnolias could survive up here in Finland ;)

    Have a beautiful weekend, Helena!

  3. Hello Helena,

    what a wonderfull sunny weather in the UK! Enjoy the exploding colours of the Magnolias, they have such a short lifetime.
    We´ve been to The Lost Gardens of Heligan a few years ago. I remember the funny people lying on and under the gras!!


  4. A charming collection of April images Helena. Good job none of the residents of Lacock were sunbathing au natural with you hanging over their garden walls with your long lens!

    We planted a Magnolia grandiflora a couple of years ago. It was one of those eyes bigger than your belly moments and now I wish I'd planted a deciduous Magnolia like the gorgeous example you show us here, much more elegant don't you think!

    I don't know why but this Spring feels really special this year. I am chomping at the bit everyday to get home to see what magic has been happening in the garden.

    As for your last picture, ooh what a lovely pear!

    Enjoy your weekend.


  5. Vilka vackra bilder! Här är det inte långt kvar till magnoliablom och grönska. Knopparna är verkligen sprickfärdiga och nu när vi fått lite regn behövs bara en gnutta värme för att allt ska slå ut.
    Trevlig helg!
    Kram Maria

  6. Hej Helena!

    Åååå Magnolior.. så vackra och originella. Fniss, jag kan se dig framför mig, klättrandes och stånkandes, för att få en så bra bild som möjligt, hihi. Har du övat in någon "ursäkt" tänker jag, ifall du skulle bli tagen på bar gärning? Det kanske var det mannen i fönstret saknade.. ooops! ;))

    Önskar dig en skön grön helg!
    Kram Sanna

  7. That gentleman peeping through the window is a little creepy : )

    Nonetheless, that magnolia tree is on the verge of bursting into bloom.

    Thank you for sharing.

  8. I would like to think that it was a lonely princess in love, hopelessly waiting for her prince.... but he never arrived.... :( Sad, but how romantic! Especially next to these lovely magnoliolioliolias;)
    Have a gret week Helena:)

  9. Beautiful images. Spring is such an energizing, inspiring time of year. I love the magnolia story - we don't have one in our yard, either, but I ventured into a neighbor's driveway to photograph hers.

    Have a spring-filled week.

  10. Hi Helena
    Hihi, sorry, I just had to laugh out loud when I pictured you dropping over the garden fence with the camera in your Hand. Lovely photos again and I really love magnolias. I've got two in my own garden, but they are still small and I try to persuad them to grow a bit faster :o).
    Have a lovely week.

  11. Your images are really amazing, is it okay if you tell me what camera/dslr you use ? :p hehe and I really love how natural your place looks like. I wish I could make my future home like yours and please dont stop blogging :) I love your work and ideas :D xoxo ashley

  12. I would definitely go bananas for those magnolia bloomings:) We are little behind here in Finlnad but we are getting there. Most of all I wait green trees around me, I need green around me and soon.
    Have a great week my darling friend
    Kram Henrietta


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