Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Go East...

For those of you who have just begun to relax into the tranquil white backdrop of our kitchen-diner and the CALM area, it is time to hold on to your seats and open your minds to a little taste of saffron, a whiff of baklava, a hint of the Orient.

And for those of you who may wonder what one does when one cannot find a curtain material one likes, but is head over heals in love with a particular wallpaper? Easy. You hang two strips of wallpaper from the rail and ask them to believe they are curtains. Think wallpaper. Be wallpaper. And oh yes, you also prey your baby who is just getting ready to walk does not decide to pull himself up grabbing any curtains... Success rate on last prayers? 100 %. Still hanging and baby boy will be four in March.

And by the way, wallpaper cum curtain prayers require no religion. Just some faith in interior well-being.


  1. Underbara bilder Du tar Helena! Och underbart flöde i texten! Menar Du att Du har tapeter i fönstren??? Hmmmm...

  2. Tack, snälla du. Och jovisst, jag har tapeter i fönstren! Bättre gardinlös än rådlös, eller hur var det?


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